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Until today, tuning drums to clear resonant sounds has been a nearly impossible task for only the best of experienced drummers and drum technicians. Finally, DrumTone has a tuning system that is so fast and easy that drummers will be waiting on the other musicians to tune up before performances. Any drummer knows how difficult it is to acheive the perfect sounding drums for a particular song or style of music, then the weather changes and so does your sound... Plus, when drums are moved all kinds of mechanical changes occure to them effecting their sound. And there are so many styles of music that are popular today that drums need to be as versitile as all other instruments, changing tones and pitches between sets and even during songs. Drums have been the foundation of music since time began. As Sting once said; "There is no good band without a good drummer". All good drummers play great sounding drums... Adding DrumTone tuning to your drums will make them sing like never before!

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