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DrumTone tuning technology was developed to dramatically enhance the tone, resonance and clear pitch of YOUR drums and YOUR heads. This is a new technology that is unlike anything ever developed for drums. This incredible advancement is available exclusively from

By adding DrumTone Rings to your heads, your drums instantly become truly "musical" instruments. Here's how it works: Compressed air is used to pressurize the DrumTone Ring like a bicycle tire. Compressed air is fluid so pressure and tension is exactly the same 360 degrees to produce a perfectly clear pitch. Raising the compressed air pressure, raises the uniform tension and thus raises the clear pitch of the drum head to precisely the desired note. The pitch range for any size drum, both batter and resonant heads, is about one full octive.

What may sound complicated is really quite simple; DrumTone Rings are placed between the drum rim and head hoop. Tension lugs are tightened by hand only to the lowest pitch of the drum. As pressure is applied the pitch raises while producing the clearest, most resonant, fully accoustic tone possible from your drum so you can even play melodies and chords with your drums.

DrumTone has recently applied this dramatic advancement in percussion technology to a full line of beautifully sounding portable timpani to produce the booming melodic thunder desired by orchestras and marching bands for musical events indoors or out. Six standard sizes of DrumTone Timpani are; 20", 23", 26", 29", 32" and 35" diameter allowing a complete musical scale in the lower registers. DrumTone Timpani are portable, lightweight and completely weather proof for outdoor use. All six sizes are easily transported and are economically priced for use in any school band or orchestra.

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